Terms and Conditions

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Collection of information

Here at �’company name’’ we do take our clients' discretion very seriously. Hence, we will not obtain any information that may allow us to identify you without your approval. As a leading company we are totally devoted to ensuring that every subjective information that is submitted to us is protected at all times and that is why we go to a great lengths to secure our servers and database.


Web Beacons and Cookies

For a rather effective service conveyance, we as a company employ the use of cookies from time to time to collect and store useful information about our visitors and clients. Apart from that, any other business or brand that is in a formal contract with us, may also employ the use of cookies and web beacons to track our customers, so that they may be able to display information and advertisements that are specifically tailored to each client and user.



This website may contain links to other websites whose terms and conditions may be either slightly similar or completely different with that of ours. Any individual who will agree to submit any information to these websites will be governed by their guidelines. Hence, we urge all of our customers and visitors to go through the privacy policy of every website that they may visit before agreeing to submit their information.


Notifications of Revisions or Change

From time to time, we might decide to revise these terms without prior warning or counsel. In case we conduct any revisions or changes, we will post them on this page or any other place that we may see fit so that every client will become fully aware of any changes made and the circumstances where these changes may apply.



When it comes to the protection of personal information, we do not take any chances. As a leading company, we employ the use of putative industry standards to protect every information that is in our custody or has been submitted to us. We employ the use of firewalls so that our servers can have an unlimited amount of protection from individuals who might be looking to either misuse or intercept our client’s personal information. Apart from that, our servers are also located and hosted in a very isolated and secure environment. 



We as �’company name’’ or any of the suppliers we work with will not be accountable for any indemnities such as business interruption, loss of data or profit that may be a result of the users failure to use the materials on this website. Also, the materials that we offer on our website are offered as they are. Hence, we hereby disclaim and negate any type of warranty, including and not limited to the conditions of merchantability and implied warranty, non-infringement and violation of rights or any type of information about likely results or concerning accuracy.